Songs (1) Break my yoke (2x) Holy Ghost fire...
(2) Deliver me fire of the Holy Ghost.
⦁ My father I repent of every sin of greed, carnality and spiritual insensitivity that put me in a snare in Jesus name.
⦁ Where ever I have erred against your precepts. Have mercy and forgive me O Lord in Jesus name.
⦁ My father (3x) you are Jehovah Sabaoth. Deliver me from every trap of the wicked now in Jesus name.
⦁ I refuse to remain a prey in the net of my enemy. O Lord bring me out by fire now in Jesus name.
⦁ Holy Ghost fire (3x) Destroy every chains and trap of the oppressor now in Jesus name.
⦁ Where is the God that answers by fire destroy every witchcraft cobwebs used to trap my destiny in Jesus name.
⦁ O lord roar as the lion of the tribe of Judah and break every snare of the fowler in my life now in Jesus name.
⦁ By the order of Mordecai and Haman. Let the net that the enemies have prepared for me catch the enemies in Jesus name.
⦁ O Lord hide me from schemes and schisms of the enemy with the walls of fire in Jesus name.
⦁ Shine the light of your word on my path so that i will not fall in Jesus name.
⦁ Strengthen my heart, my mind, and my will against besetting sins. O Lord in Jesus name.
⦁ Order my footsteps O Lord and separate me from the scornful in Jesus name.